Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I lose my key or access card?

If you lose your keys or access card you should contact us immediately. If you lose both keys we will be required to bring in a safe specialist to drill out the lock and replace it. You will be charged a minimum of $120 for this. If you lose your access card, we will cancel your old card and replace it. The charge for this is $35.

Can I get access to my safe deposit box after hours?

Yes, if there is an emergency and you need to access your safe deposit box after hours you can ring 0800 VaultNZ (0800-828-586) and if a custodian is available they will open the vault for you. There is a callout fee of $150.

Will my safe deposit box be covered by insurance?

Vault NZ does not insure the contents of items stored at the Vault. It is your responsibility to insure the contents of the box. If you mention to your insurance company that your goods are stored in a vault they often will give you a discount on your insurance.

Can I give other people access to my safe deposit box?

Yes, as the primary box holder you can nominate other people to also have access to your safe deposit box.

What happens to my safety deposit box if I die?

In the event of the death of a sole hirer of a safe deposit box, the safe deposit box will not be accessible by anyone other than the legal personal representative appointed by the hirer’s estate.

Can anyone else get access to my safety deposit box?

No, only you or the people you nominate can access your safety deposit box. You will have the only two keys provided.

Note: While we will not volunteer any information, if the police, the Court, or relevant Government agency present a search warrant for your safe deposit box, signed by a New Zealand Court of Law, you may be contacted to open your safety deposit box or it may be forcibly opened. It is very rare for this to happen.


To enquire click here or phone 0800 VaultNZ (0800-828-586)